About me

Since living in two different cultures for many years, I gradually became aware of the relationship between individual psychology and social culture, and I now understand how things appear in any invisible trend. That inspired me to present it visually. Therefore, I am engaged in art experiments on materials as metaphors to indicate the essence of a balanced context of natural substances, which helps us all navigate sanity and get a sense of peace with each other and the world.

“Peace is not absence of war; peace is a virtue, an attitude of mind, an inclination to goodness, trust, justice.”
                                       — Baruch Benedictus de Spinoza

My creative journey juxtaposes tradition and innovation, organic and artificial, coincidence and deliberate. With the traditional material representing both the tangible and intangible aspects of life, this interplay invites viewers to explore deeply the complexities of human existence, contemplating the delicate balance between contrasts and harmonies. I use the limitless possibilities of artistic expression to create a universal dialogue involving the coexistence of diversity.

Hongyun He, born in the province Hunan, China.
Studied Art Education and Painting at the Art Academy of Hunan Normal University in China, then earned Master of Arts (M.A.) in Integrated Design at Anhalt University of Applied Science in Germany.

Artistic and Social Activities:
2009—2014, Founder and director for International Kids Atelier Association “Interkulturelles Kinder Atelier e.V.” in Munich.
2018, July—August artist residency in Rock Painting Research Center in Beijing.
— Lecturer at Munich People’s College (MVHS)
— Member of professional Association of Visual Artists Munich and Oberbayern (BBK).
— Member of International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artist (IAPMA).

Audience Awarde of Truderinger Kunst-Tage 2017 in Munich, Germany.
Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.) 2019 got the booth of „Sonderausstellung C.A.R. Talent“ in Essen, Germany.
Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.) 2021 got the booth of „Sonderausstellung C.A.R. Talent“ in Essen, Germany.
Scholarship NEU START KULTUR 2022 from the association of German Artists.

Professional publication:
„Confluence“ IAPMA Bulletin 62– ISSN 2415–640X Published in March 2023
„FREEDOM“ IAPMA Bulletin 61– ISSN 2415–640X Published in March 2022

„POWER“ IAPMA Bulletin 60– ISSN 2415–640X Published in March 2021

Selected Exhibitions:
City Gallery in Ingostadt, Germany

—  Galerie der Künstler*innen in Munich.
—  The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York City.
—  Arts and Crafts Museum, Dresden in Germany.
—  Museum Zündorfer Wehrturm, Cologne in Germany.
—  MVHS Werkgallery in Munich, Germany.
—  Viviane Fontaine International Paper Triennial, Charmey Museum in Switzerland.
—  Art Eindhoven, international art fair in Netherlands.

—  Rathausgalerie, Munich City Hall Gallery, Germany.
—  2411 Gallery (Galerie 2411) in Munich.
—  ARTMUC 2022, international art fair Munich.
—  ART PLUS SHANGHAI, international art fair in Shanghai.
—  Akademie für Politische Bildung, Tutzing Bavaria.
—  Solo exhibition in whiteBOX Art Gallery Munich.
—  Museu-Moli Paper de Capellades, Barcelona, Spain.

  IAPMA 35th anniversary Europe touring exhibition in The Paper Academy, Denmark.
  Langkong Art Museum in 798 Art District in Peking, China.
  Hongmei Cultural Center Shenyang, China.
  Jingheng Art Space in Shanghai, China.
—  LUCCA BIENNALE OFF 2021 in Italy.
  IAPMA Congress exhibition in Toyota City Folk Craft Museum, Kiatutei and Toyota Civic Gallery, Japan.
  Gallery of Artist Association Landshut, Germany.
  Shanghai International Paper Art Biennale Fengxian Museum in Shanghai, China.
  Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.) in Essen, Germany.
  International Biennial Paper Fibre Art Edition in National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, Taiwan.

— Buchheim Museum, Starnberg in Germany.
— GEDOK Gallery Munich, Germany.
— Galerie Der Künstler in Munich, Germany.

— Galerie Der Künstler in Munich, Germany.
— Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.) in Essen, Germany.
— ARTMUC 2019,  international art fair Munich, Germany.
— Exhibition Bergennale 2018, Berg, Bavaria.
— National Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich.
— 24. AICHACHER KUNSTPREIS in Aichach, Germany.
— Truderinger Kunst-Tage 2017 in Munich. Got the Audience Award.
— National Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich.
— 17ème Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Solo exhibition in Mohr Villa, Munich.

Artistic Organization:
2022 Organiser of Ink Painting Art Exhibition at Munich Adults Education Center (MVHS).
2022 Member of GEDOK org-team at ARTMUC,the international art fair in Munich.
Director for exhibition “Jedes Kind ist ein Künstler” in Milbertshofen Cultural Center, Munich.

News Coverage and Online Media:



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