Blue Light

BLUE is a series of experimental paper art what I created during the pandemic. I used traditional ink with dissolved chemical liquids to keep creased traces effects on crumpled Xuan paper, a natural material originated from ancient China. They are expression of external forces and internal resilience. This process depends on contingency, the coincidence of an ecological material‘s reaction. In this case, it leads me to discover the way to fulfill my idea resiliently. This is not only interplay between artist and natural material, but also a venture for artist because of its unpredictability. In this way there is an exploration of possibilities in the situation seems impossible, human intention and adaptability, what just like an epitome of the real life we are confronting now.
Those works present a sense of deep thinking and psychology with mystery, suspense and expectation. The illusion falls into the virtual, or the real life is full of virtual illusion.