Hong Yun He  born in province Hu Nan, China.

Studied Art Education and Painting in the Art Academy of Hunan Normal University in China, then earned Master of Art in Integrated Design in Anhalt University of Applied Science in Germany.

2006— 2008 work as UI and communication designer in design agency in Munich.
2009— 2014 founded and leaded the association “Interkulturelles Kinder Atelier”.
2014— engage in free art creation.
2018— Summer Artist Residency of Institute of Tun-Huang Art in Peking. ( Supported by China Academy of Art and Chinese Ministy of Culture )

Lecturer in Münchner Volkshochschule (MVHS) for chinese ink painting und calligraphy.

Member of Artists Association in Munich and the South of Bavaria. ( BBK München und Oberbayern e.V.) and Artists Association Munich GEDK.


Current exhibitions:


— Welcome Exhibition in GEDOK Gallery Munich.


— NUR MIT UNS Annual Exhibition 2019 in BBK München und Oberbayern e.V.
— Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.) 2019, booth of Sonderausstellung C.A.R. Talent, Germany.
— ARTMUC 2019,  International art fair Munich, Germany.


— Annual Exhibition 2018 in BBK München und Oberbayern e.V.
— Gegenpol Exhibition Bergennale 2018, Berg, Bavaria.
— MKG annual exhibit in National Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich.


— 24. AICHACHER KUNSTPREIS in Aichacher.
— Truderinger Kunst-Tage 2017 in Munich. Got the Audience Awarde.
— MKG annual exhibit in National Museum of Egyptian Art, Munich.


— 17ème Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage in Clermont-Ferrand, France.


— Freimann Anniversary Exhibition in Mohr Villa, Munich.


Director for exhibition „Jedes Kind ist ein Künstler“ in Milbertsholfen, Munich.