Blue Light

(80×60 cm) In the past three months ( mid-March to mid-June ) many frustrate incidents have occured around the world due to the pandemic, during the lockdown online life has greatly increased, real life became full of uncertainty and suspeciousness. All of courses and exhibitions are canceled until summer, mybe even longer, therefore I gain better time to concentrate on new creations.

Blue Light, 80×60 cm,
I used ink and water to keep creased traces on crumpled paper. This process is full of coincidence. In this case, I have to think it over to find the best results, it takes much time but very importent. After this work is complete I can no longer do a new with the same effects, I think it’s an inspiration that I can’t grab it anytime or anywhere.

In this unusual period I made a blue series, ( monotonous blue presents a sense of deep, mystery, suspense and expectation, in someway like the feeling of the virtual life and dangerous real life.